Geocache Find #700!

Geocache find #700

If it looks like a lot of geocaching is going on, it's true! It took 85 days to go from 500 to 600, and only 43 days to get to 700. That's because I love the fall, and had the most finds in a calendar month in September (87). The 700 finds milestone came on Thanksgiving Monday, as we all travelled down to the city for dinner at Aunt Joc and Uncle Mark's place (ummmm good).

After a stop at Pine Farms to pick some apples and pick up some wine, we headed for Home on the Moraine - Eaton Hall, a two-stage multi-cache on the Oak Ridges Moraine.

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One day, as I cached along the way...

Carved Cedar Trees

Probably the greatest appeal of geocaching is being taken to places you may otherwise not have seen. And every once in awhile you come across something really interesting. Such was the case one day in September as I went along the way, travelling from one cache in the Copeland forest to another along the Uhthoff Trail just east of Coldwater. I was on the Mt. St. Louis Road, east of the 400 highway, and west of Line 8, when I saw them, staring at me from the edge of the woods.

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GC15R4J - Hendrie Forest #5

Geocache First To Find #16

This has been the longest I have gone without a FTF - 248 days. Of course, 248 days ago I got three in one day, so I guess that makes up for it. Plus, I haven't really been going after the FTFs this year, opting to sit aside while other local cachers battle it out for the prize.

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Geocache Find #600!

Geocache find #600

Geocache find number six hundred came today as Jen and I found four caches together. Since hiking in the woods is the main name of the game (for us, at least), I planned some caches on the Oak Ridges Moraine that I have been eyeing for awhile. A quick stop in Bond Head for a micro got us to 597, then we moved on to the first hiking cache: Tomtec's "Echo in the Glen" were we would encounter a naked jogger on the trail.

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Camouflage Series Hat Trick!


When I woke up on Thursday, January 4, I noticed three new geocaches in my inbox. They were #4-6 of the "Camouflage Series" by Champro. Would it be possible to get another FTF or two? Or THREE? The notification had come in the night, just past midnight. It was now 9:00 am, so I had a good shot at being First To Find. I headed for #6 and #5 first, since they were harder, and in the same area. Six was a multi-stage cache, and both required some walking in steep terrain. Number four was over in Sunnidale Park.

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Geocache Find #400!

Geocache find #400

On a cool Wednesday evening in October, I hopped on my Bionx bicycle and left the office. But instead of heading home, I went in the opposite direction. The goal: Geocache find #400! This find was special not just because of the milestone, but also because it was an "Event" cache. In this case, the event was a gathering of local central-Ontario geocachers for an evening of meet-and-greet fun.

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