Kristin Stars in School Play

Kristin as Alice (in Wonderland)

It was back in November 2005 that Kristin announced she was going to try out for a part in "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland", an extra-curricular play at her school. When asked what kind of part she was trying out for, she said just a small part.

That evening, she announced that she had been selected for a part. What part? "Alice," she calmly replied. Say, isn't that the main part? Actually, she was to co-star with another "Alice" and they would alternate scenes through the two-act play.

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Stanley Cup Shows Up For Easter Lunch

Stanley Cup

The Stanley Cup made a surprise appearance after Easter Lunch. The family had gathered at Aunt Joc and Uncle Mark's house in Toronto for Easter lunch, along with Grandma and Grandpa S. It was shortly after dessert that the neighbour knocked on the door to announce the Stanley Cup was out front. Sure enough, it was!

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Jakob Takes Second at Kiwanis Festival

Jakob at Kiwanis Festival

Jakob's performance of Inter-City Stomp (Norton) earned him a second place finish at the Barrie Kiwanis Music Festival! The adjudicator commented on his "effective staccato touch and good energy" and awarded him a score of 86 in the Conservatory Piano Solo Study - Grade 3 class at the festival. That score was high enough to place him second in the class.

But that wasn't Jakob's only performance during the week. He was also entered in the Conservatory Piano Solo - Grade 3 class two days later, where he had to play first.

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Cub Car Takes Design Award

Jakob wins Cub Car design award

It wasn't the fastest, but it sure looked nice! And the judges agreed as they awarded Jakob's cub car the second place trophy in the "10 Year Old Best Design" category at this year's Simcoe Phoenix Area Kub Kar Rally.

This was the third -- and final -- year for Cub cars, and the first year that Jakob's car was actually entered in the design contest. In both previous years, his car was too busy racing in the finals to enter in the design contest.

Conceived by Jakob, and created with help from Dad, the 2006 creation was a bold blue streamlined car with a powerful bolt of lightning running down the length.

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Vacation on Sanibel Island

Sunset on Sanibel Island

One week on Sanibel Island is not quite enough! A month would be just about perfect, but everybody in the family is happy with the one week we had on beautiful Sanibel Island in the Gulf of Mexico just outside of Fort Myers, Florida. Our beach front condominium turned out to be perfect. With a south-facing view of the ocean we could see both the sunrise and sunset from our balcony. However, for most sunrises we were already out on the beach hunting for shells.

You can view a full set of pictures in the photo gallery by clicking HERE.

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